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Mom of the Week: Wild Animal Edition

Mom of the Week: Animal Edition


A monkey in Springfield Missouri that was being kept at the Dickerson Zoo was left their baby to raise. But the monkey didn’t like her baby allegedly because it was too tall for its age- so it rejected it. The baby’s new mom is the zookeeper who acts as a surrogate. It's just so sad! His favorite toy is a plush animal that looks like his mom. Read the whole story here.


In the saddest video I’ve seen in a long time, a baby elephant cried for five hours- cried with real tears after his mother in a China zoo attacked him two times. The removed the five month old from his mom to protect him from her and he was so upset and missed her- There’s video. It’s heartbreaking.


On Reddit, JaredtheGreat27 writes “So today one of my hamsters bit it’s babies head off”- Well, JaredtheGreat27- Apparently that’s very common. Hamsters tend to eat a few of their young after birth. Here's what you can do so that your hamster mom doesn't eat her young:

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