Big Jim and Anna - Cliff Notes 11/19/13

Here's what you missed today on the Big Jim and Anna Show!

PlayStation 4- Appropriate for Adults? PlayStation 4 is a mega-deal right now. Gamers lined up for days to get their hands on the console “first”- Over 1 million were sold in the first 24 hours. Big Jim and Anna have a disagreement though- Anna thinks that too much time glued to the TV playing video games is a ridiculous hobby for people… Big Jim argues that gaming is fun for kids of all ages- There was a lot of discussion (including a caller that claimed Anna is a terrible wife and “bossy” and another caller that told Big Jim that he’ll never find a woman if he spends all his time locked inside his apartment playing games) but ultimately- there was no resolution. We have to all agree to disagree.

Here's the ridiculously massive announcement of the gaming system from nine months ago:


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Jay Leno is being sued- Turns out a woman that he made fun of on his show is suing him for accusing her of bestiality. She was accused by American Airlines of smuggling her pet rat in her underwear on a flight- Jay Leno joked that she had an inappropriate intimate relationship with the pet rat. Now, they’ve lost all their friends and she says that even her private relationship with her husband has suffered because he keeps imagining her getting down with the rat.

Kanye West thinks he a genius- We know that because he reminds us all the time. But he has a specific reason why he doesn’t make it his official title: Because he sometimes spells the word “genius” incorrectly. We're not kidding. He said that.

Is there a Butterball shortage?
Apparently, yes. If you're looking for a larger turkey this year you may have a difficult time grabbing one as there seems to be a shortage. But Big Jim has come to the rescue with the Top 5 Things to Replace Your Turkey:

  1. Roast Beef
  2. Rack of Lamb
  3. Lasagna or Stuffed Shells
  4. Shepherd's Pie and super duper last (according to Big Jim)
  5. Ham

Courtney Honda 7:40a Couple's Court: enter image description here

Jessica called because her husband Robby refuses to take her and the children to NYC for the Macy's Day Parade. He said that he wanted to spend the day watching high school football in Bridgeport and not trekking into the "gross" city on public transportation. Essentially, the audience agreed with Jessica- To NYC they go!