Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Tuesday, 11/26/13

 Best Thanksgiving Sides

The best Thanksgiving sides? That was the debate this morning.  Anna’s family always has the chicken tortellini soup and Big Jim is (overly) obsessed with green bean casserole.  We asked the staff and audience what they thought “Ruled the Thanksgiving Table” and overwhelmingly the answer was… STUFFING.  Do you agree?  You can still vote on our Facebook page. Watch our video of us drilling the staff here at Star 99.9... 


Courtney Honda 7:40a Couple’s Court: Cornish Hens on Thanksgiving?

Robert called in because his girlfriend Gloria’s Family serves Cornish hen on Thanksgiving and no turkeys.  He’s outraged and wants to skip out on Thanksgiving with them and head to his family’s home where he will have a “traditional American Thanksgiving”- Gloria says that he’s being an idiot and it’s about family and togetherness.  Who cares if they’re eating Cornish hen? At the end, the audience agreed with Gloria, Robert was overreacting and has to spend the holidays with her Italian Cornish hen eating family. 



Another disagreement between Big Jim and Anna this morning- This time over the old age question… Is it sauce or gravy? You know… The stuff you put on spaghetti.  Anna believes that if it has meat in it, it’s gravy- Just tomatoes, then sauce.  Jim says it’s always sauce.  The audience was torn as were the Twitter and Facebook followers. 


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Family Guys are outraged because they killed off Brian the dog.  He’s been part of the series since 1999 and he died in a car accident.  It was an oddly emotional Family Guy and fans are outraged.  They have even gone so far as to make a petition to bring him back to life.  The Griffin’s have already replaced Brian with a Soprano’s themed dog voiced by Tony Sirico. 


Kanye West has gone off on one of  his crazy rants again.  This time he targets Louis Vuitton.  Apparently the president of the company wouldn’t meet with him when he was in Paris and Kanye West is now suggesting that everyone should boycott Louis Vuitton in NYC until January.  So, no thousand dollar purses for everyone this holiday… Does anyone actually believe in a Kanye West boycott?





According to Big Jim, the top three stories of today are:

  1. The Thanksgiving Day weather.  Click here for more.
  2. Yale lockdown called off after six hours.  Click here. 
  3. Couple’s that have on person that drinks more than the other have a higher rate of divorce.  More here.  

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