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Big Jim and Anna Cliff Notes: Thursday, 12/5/13

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  Here's what happened:


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19 year old 2012 Olympic medalist Tom Daley has come out of the closet this week. He did so via his YouTube channel and in almost 2 days time it has over 8 million views. Now reports have surfaced that not only his gay but he is dating Oscar-Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black who won his academy award in 2008 for the film Milk starring Sean Penn and James Franco. Black is 20 years Tom's elder being 39 years old to the Olympic divers 19. This comes as a shock because up until this point this popular Olympian has been very private about his life outside the public eye.



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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are in the news- saying that they’re poor now.  They went through $10 million dollars cash in four years- They claim they would spend $10k on dinners, $30k a day on shopping- They blame the Beyonce and Jay Z syndrome.  They claim that they thought they were as famous as them- and could spend like them- How cute they thought they had talent!  More here.


Speaking of Jay Z and Beyonce- Jay Z turned 44 years old yesterday and kicked off by saying that he and Beyonce were going totally vegan for 22 days for a spiritual and physical challenge. More here.


The Sound of Music live special airs tonight on NBC and of course it stars Carrie Underwood- There’s been a lot of backlash because people say that Carrie Underwood can’t compete with Julie Andrews- Carrie Underwood came forward to defend herself and said that she knows she’ll never compete with Julie- I disagree, I thought she did a fantastic job!





What Did You Find in Your Food?

A story out of Darien popped up that a 7-year-old girl bit into a cookie from a local chain store- That cookie had a rusty nail in it.  We asked what’s the grossest thing you ever found in your food.  Big Jim watched his friend bite into a piece of ceramic that caused a blood bath in his friends mouth… Anna’s mom found worms in a cracker box… Listeners found everything from dragonflies in their coffee to cockroaches in their muffins… Just disgusting. 


Lorraine Vargoshe from Shelton!

The Vargoshe family’s beautiful 76-foot-tall tree was selected to be THE tree! The Rockefeller Center Tree!  They were brought to Manhattan last night and treated to a special VIP area so they could watch the tree be lit!



7:40a Couple’s Court- While She Was Away…

Kara went up to Boston to take care of her sick Mom.  She left her husband Andrew in charge of watching their 14 year-old daughter and three year-old son.  But she soon found out that he left their daughter at home at night to go out with his friends.  She says that he shouldn’t have left her alone with the toddler when it was his job to watch both of them- He says that it doesn’t matter, she’s old enough and he needs some freedom.  It was a close vote but ultimately the voters sided with Kara- and it looks like Andrew is spending the next few nights in a hotel. 


Triple Shot of Espresso

The things you need to know today according to Big Jim are:

1. Milk going WAY up in price?! More here.

2.  A women who tweets about Washington traffic tweeted about a fatal accident… Then found out it was her husband… Terrible story here.

3. Fast Food workers want to raise minimum wage to $15.  More here.


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