Big Jim and Anna Cliff Notes: Thursday, 12/19/13

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show?  Here's what happened... 


Stew in the Studio!
Stew Jr. from Stew Leonards joined up in the studio to talk about catering for the holidays. Let’s be honest, cooking can sometimes be overwhelming and he filled us in on how to make it seem like you made everything- but really just ordered online!

Holiday Helpers: Sister-in-Law Love
Megan nominated her sister-in-law Diane who has given up her full time career and made so many sacrifices in order to take care of their ill mother. Diane never asks for help or and she is a “good hearted, strong woman”. She is a single mother of two small children. We were able to provide a new cell phone because her old phone is on it’s last leg and tons of toys for the children for Christmas morning!

Honda of Westport 7:40a Couple’s Court: iPads for Kids?
Shelly called in because her ex-husband surprised their three children with iPads. She feels that he’s an absent dad and bought them out of spite because he knows she can’t afford that for them. Kevin argued that she is just being difficult, he can buy whatever he wants for his children. The audience agreed with Kevin. The iPads stay and Shelly has to ease up.

Triple Shot of Info Espresso
Big Jim counts down the three biggest stories of the day to get you in the know.
1. 40 Million people could have their credit cards stolen via use at Target. Full story here.
2. New Haven man climbs tree… We have exclusive audio of what he said on our podcast page. More about the guy here.
3. Blind man gets to keep dog that saved him! More here.


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Duck Dynasty is trending right now and not because they were featured on Barbara Walter’s Most Fascinating People of 2013- but because Phil Robertson who is the patriarch in the show slammed gays in an interview with GQ Magazine. A &E has announced that he has been suspended from the show indefinitely. He released a statement last night and said "I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me," Robertson said. "We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity."-

So, yes, Duck Dynasty made the Barbara Walters Most Fascinating people list- Also on the list:
Jennifer Lawrence, Robin Roberts (GMA), Edward Snowden, the royal baby aka Prince George of Cambridge, KimYe (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)- Miley Cyrus- She had an explanation about why she sticks out her tongue all the time:


But who was at the top of the list? Hillary Clinton.