Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Wednesday, 1/22/14

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  You can always catch up with our Cliff Notes! It's the abbreviated version.


Linda called in because she is furious that her neighbor Richard cut the branches off her tree.  He says that he had asked her several times to cut the branches because they were a threat to his home and she had refused.  She wants $600 to buy a new tree- He refuses.  Our audience overwhelmingly agreed with Richard.  It was her fault she did nothing to correct the tree situation and he certainly doesn’t have to contribute to her new tree. 



JLAW apparently is a huge fan of “Homeland” even though she hasn’t seen the third season yet- Which is why she was super mad when an interviewer gave away the ending of the season! Watch her priceless reaction- and do you get mad if people “spoil” the ending?:



INTERNET ROUND UP is brought to you by:

Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s signature weekly segment “This Week In Unnecessary Censorship,” stand-up comedian Jake Vale took Disney’s newest movie Frozen, and gave it the censorship treatment.



Daily Dish:

Katy Perry revealed a lot of personal stuff about herself in a GQ Magazine interview.  She said that when she was 11-years-old she was lying in bed one night and staring at her feet- She says she prayed to God that she would have a chest so big that when she looked at her feet, she wouldn’t be able to see them.  Wish granted! She also revealed that she lost her virginity in the front seat of a Volvo to Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”. 



Alison Sweeny, she’s been on the soap opera Days of Our Lives for 21 years since she was 16 years-old- She’s also the host of The Biggest Loser- Well, she had a big announcement yesterday on Ellen:


Jennifer Garner was doing a red carpet interview with "Entertainment Tonight", and she said she's seen what Ben Affleck's new Batsuit will look like. But we think what the interviewer was asking and what she responded are two different things…



Three stories that Big Jim thinks you should know about today:

1.  Warren Buffet is giving away $1 billion dollars and we can all enter.  More here.

2.  New child seat legislature.  More here.  

3.  Metal detectors in all the ballparks.  More here.





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