Big Jim and Anna Cliff Notes: Friday, 1/31/14

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  You can always catch up with the abbreviated version- Our Cliff Notes! 



Jim joined us today with a Giant Flemish Rabbit to pick the Super Bowl winner.  Max ultimately chose the Seattle Seahawks as the big game’s winner.  He’s so cute… 






Bruno Mars was asked at a press conference yesterday and he was asked if he's ready to play the Super Bowl halftime show. 



Jerry Seinfeld gave out some more hints yesterday about the secret project he's been working on with the other "Seinfeld" cast members.  Apparently it really is some kind of "Seinfeld" reunion-type thing, and we may end up seeing it very soon.




Miley Cyrus was on "The Tonight Show" last night.  Jay asked her if she had any advice for Justin Bieber. 






Not a good week for the Brits- They are certainly having a worse week than us Americans.  First a woman was dumped.  Big deal, right?  Well, she’s been married for 20 years to a multi-millionaire.  He is also 20 years older than her- So, imagine her surprise when he told her that he was dumping her for a woman 30 years younger than he is- BUT he wants her to continue living in their mansion- AS HIS MAID. Then the husband couldn’t understand why she was upset. The good news?  The judge understood and awarded her $10 million dollars for the divorce. More here.


Another English woman also not having a good week.  Back in 2009, Samantha Lamb gave one of her kidneys to her husband to save his life- but as soon as he fully recovered he allegedly starting having an affair with her best friend.  Her mother walked in on him while he was in the act.  Now, she wants her kidney back.  The courts now have to decide whether a kidney is a gift or whether she actually retains possession of it. More here.



We’ll  leave England for our last story and head to Chile… where a woman went making breakfast when she turned around to notice a puma staring at her.  Unfortunately the puma was in no rush to leave, apparently managing to remove several tranquiliser darts.  Finally animal control got the puma out. 



HONDA OF WESTPORT 7:40a Couple’s Court: Besties Week

Keith is upset that his best friend Ed keeps bringing his girlfriend out with them on the weekends.  Says he can’t stand her and can’t be himself around her.  Ed says that she’s fine, he’s being a jerk about it and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be invited out.  The audience agreed with Ed.  If he wants his girlfriend out with him, that’s his issue, not his friends.



Big Jim counts down the three stories you should know about today:

  1. Another cruise ship is grossly diseased.
  2. Zimmerman is a fighter.
  3. Amanda Knox.





It was our last Soup-er Friday to talk about ChowdaFest happening this weekend.  We made Begley differentiate the difference between Chowder and “Things Anna Made in the Kitchen”- He was able to easily identify the difference between Anna’s gross concoctions (including salmon cream cheese mixed with Blue Berry Powerade) and the chowders. 




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