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Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Wednesday, 8/20/14

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  You can always catch up with our Cliff Notes! It's the abbreviated version of the show! 

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There’s been this real estate feud going on in Hollywood that I’ve been watching- Keyshawn Johnson, he’s an ex-football player, well, he sold his mansion to Kourtney Kardashian.  She claims that Keyshawn covered up dangerous mold that was in the house on purpose.  She moved her kids to a Beverly Hills hotel because she says it’s not safe for them or her because she’s pregnant.  Well, he claims that he did no such thing- I leak that they sprung in the bathroom is the issue and that they’ve been a nightmare since the sale because they call him all the time with questions.  He said he had his kids living there until the day they sold the home and never had issues.  More info on this story here.  


Taylor Swift and more about her new pop album 1989. 


Gary Busey is doing "Celebrity Big Brother" in England right now, and he just told the other contestants that he had a visit from the spirit of Patrick Swayze. 


Nicki Minaj released the official video for "Anaconda" at midnight last night . . . that's the song that samples Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back"... It's quite entertaining but certainly #NSFW- Click here to MTV link to it! 



April called in because her husband Theo had lied to her before they were married.  He told her that they would have a child even though he has three from a previous marriage.  He also got a vasectomy and never told her.  Now, she has forgiven him but wants him to have it reversed so she can have that baby.  He says that he doesn’t want to- he already has three! Although it was back and forth (and mostly a no-win situation) April “won”- but more importantly they both decided to have more open conversations with each other to resolve the issues. 




Big Jim thinks these are the three biggest things you should know about today…

  1. CT Ranks Where for Hangovers?!
  2. Kids Cost a Ton
  3. Nutella is Expensive



Anna, for the first time ever, is writing a letter complaining about a company policy to a chain of smoothies in the Fairfield County area.  Is she out of line?  Here’s a sampling from her letter:


RE: Pouring Policy


I’ve been an avid fan of your product for years but I have consistently had the same issue with every order.  My beverage of choice is always the same, a large Peanut Butter Power Shake with four scoops of whey protein and one probiotic, no bananas.  When I receive my order though, I consistently see that they are throwing away half on the contents of the shake that doesn’t fit in the cup.  When I’m paying significantly extra for the 20 grams of protein and probiotic, I feel that there’s a good chance I’m not getting that entire amount when half the shake is being thrown out.  I’ve asked several times if they could just over pour into another container, but they have refused saying it’s against their policy. I’ve even asked if they could add the supplements after they fill the cup so it could be an accurate pour and they’ve said it’s not how they do it.  I understand that policies need to be in place but I feel that if a customer is paying for a certain amount of a supplement, then they should get the entire amount of it.  These are meal replacements and I order the shake with the thought process that I’m getting the protein boost that I need.  That has consistently happened at multiple locations throughout Fairfield County, CT. 


Thank you,

Anna Zap

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