The Anna and Raven Show On Demand 1-4-16

Missed the first show of the new year?  Don't worry let's recap with some great audio!



Honda of Westport Couple's Court:


Ron says his girlfriend Blair gave him permission to do New Years Eve with his buddy's but when he did, she dumped him!  "He chose wrong" she says, "she tricked me" counters Ron.  Should Blair have given Ron the option if it was going to have dire consequences?  With your calls and the verdict!

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Anna and Raven discuss their New Year's Eve and holiday happenings which included Anna lying to her daughter Hayden and Raven hopping turnstiles in New York!

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Dr. Laura Berman of Uncovered Radio heard nightly here on Star 99.9 joined Anna and Raven to talk about resolutions for the New Year! Are they healthy or hurtful? Productive or counter productive?

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Raven's Final Weigh In:

After ten weeks of counting down to Raven's goal of losing 20 pounds how did it turn out?  The final result after the holidays and his birthday weekend of "eating and drinking everything in sight" would certainly be affected, wouldn't it?  Get the final tally now on the podcast!

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The Daily Dish:

Steve Harvey puppets being burned in Columbia on New Year's Eve, Chris Brown responds to allegations of battery on a woman at a party in Las Vegas over the holiday.

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What's Trending:

Rock drummer get's stuck upside down during final show?!  Miranda Lambert shares some pda with a post naming her new boyfriend.  Finally, having some trouble getting back to work mode today... try Twitter's #MondayMotivation!

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