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The Anna and Raven Show On Demand 1-6-15
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Missed the morning show today?  Here's some audio to keep you busy until the end of your workday!



Honda of Westport Couple's Court:


Elisa and Carmen are arguing over the removal of their Christmas tree, she wants to leave it up until the end of the month and he wanted it gone yesterday!  How long do you keep up your Christmas tree and decorations?  With your calls and the verdict!


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Anna has bullied her way into DJ'ing the company holiday party for Star 99.9 and our sister stations.  The bosses didn't want her to do it, tried to talk her out of it but finally gave in... now she's nervous about it after Raven and the brass got a look at her playlist!  Listen in as they discuss some of her favorites and plans for the night!


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Rules is Rules:  Hibachi


It's a free society of course but order must be maintained to avoid chaos! This is why we need rules! For example: traffic laws, a clear and concise tax code, and of course hibachi rules for when they sit you with strangers! Anna and Raven list theirs!

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The Daily Dish:

Steve Harvey reacts to the conspiracy theorists that claim he flubbed the Miss Universe crowning on purpose for ratings.  Is Miley and Liam getting back together official and will she return to her wholesome image?  Amy Schumer finds a boyfriend and brings him to the White House!

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What's Trending:

#ModestGoalsFor2016 let's just say these are your less resolute resolutions! #Powerball hits $450 million and Raven asks about Anna and her family's strategy to win.  Twitter announces they are building platform to possibly support ten thousand characters instead of their standard one hundred forty per tweet, users predictably freaked out!

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