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The Anna and Raven Show On Demand 1-8-15
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Missed the show this morning?  Here's some highlights to keep you busy over the weekend!



Honda of Westport Couples Court:


Marina called in to complain about her husband Will's current efforts for "Try-uary" that's the term coined for those giving things up for the years first month.  So Will has given up booze and carbs for the month and is working out daily!  She thinks it's dumb because in February he'll just go back to his old unhealthy ways.  What do you think?  With your calls and the verdict!


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Raven's Report Card:


It's been three weeks since Anna has called Raven's wife Alicia to see how he's been doing with his husbandly duties.  The holiday season is full of danger! Stresses from finances, family, and more... how did he do?


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Dating My Six Year Old:


Nikkole Paulun goes on a monthly "date" with her six year old son.  He pays for them, pulls out her chair, and basically is a total gentleman.  She posted a photo of them out the other day and while they have almost three million likes to the post, she also has a lot of detractors!  Anna and Raven debate the implications of her actions and mostly should he be paying for these dinners with his money? With your calls!


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The Daily Dish:


Former member of One Direction Zayn says he never talks to the guys from the group and recently discovered they all changed their phone numbers and didn't give him the new one?!  Raven offers why this may be the case.  The big announcement coming last night Beyonce will be joining Coldplay and Bruno Mars for the SuperBowl 50 halftime show!


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What's Trending:


#LoseAFriendInThreeWords,  #UnpopularMusicOpinionHour, and #Beyonce showing up on Lip Sync Battle last night to back up Channing Tatum was everywhere!  See the video on Anna and Raven's facebook page!

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