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The Anna and Raven Show On Demand 1-12-15
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Missed the show today?  Here's some great audio to keep you busy until tomorrow!



Honda of Westport Couple's Court:


Kendra wants her husband Mike to put away his motorcycle for the winter, he says it's been mild and he wants to keep riding and contends she doesn't like the bike at all!  Should Mike have to put away his bike?  With your votes and the verdict!


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What would you give up to win the Powerball jackpot?  Anna offered body parts, Raven agreed to eat saltines... neither of them are going to win but they offer some pretty interesting what if's!


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Rules is Rules:  The Powerball Edition


Everybody this week is of course discussing how they're going to win Powerball or just as often why they should win!  Well Anna and Raven are going to other way on this, discussing who shouldn't be allowed to win the lottery and why!


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After that big new job this year, or how about that big raise?  Anna and Raven are joined by friend of the show Bruce Ennis Vice President of HR at Bigelow Tea in studio this week to discuss proper interview techniques, researching your competition and getting that big raise!


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The Daily Dish powered by Scap Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram


Anna reviews the new season of the Bachelor and Sean Penn's non chalant attitude about interviewing El Chapo.  This dude really is crazy huh?!


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What's Trending powered by J. Albert Johnson Jewelers


George Lucas being petitioned for return to Star Wars final movie, and the Playboy mansion is now for sale!  Who wants a ninety year old Playboy for a roommate?


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