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The Anna and Raven Show On Demand 1-13-15
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Missed the show this morning?  Here's some good stuff to keep you busy!



Honda of Westport Couple's Court:


Isabelle is nervous her husband Jay is too aggressive with their tax deductions and wants them to use an accountant.  He says there is no way he's paying somebody to tell him he's right because he "knows he is!"  With your calls and the verdict!


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Acing the interview and getting that new job for 2016!  Anna and Raven welcomed friend Bruce Ennis VP of Bigelow Tea human resources department to the studio this week.  We talked about all those nerve wracking moments when you enter an interview or ask for that big raise!  Very helpful if you're looking to make 2016 YOUR year!


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What would you do with the Powerball winnings, who do you tell, and why some refuse to play!  Anna and Raven took to the streets to ask what people thought and what their plans were... and there were definitely some surprises!


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The Daily Dish powered by Scap Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram


Billionaire sports team owner and tech giant Mark Cuban shares his advice on what to do if you're a billionaire when you wake up tomorrow!  This list is worth checking out if you ever come into some cash, even if it's not a billion!


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Quick pick or select your own numbers?  Anna and Raven discuss the theories behind each thought process and then select the official numbers for the morning show!  If you win with these we want a piece!  What's your formula?


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What's Trending powered by J. Albert Johnson Jewelers


Would you believe twenty five hundred actors have tried out for the role of young Han Solo for an upcoming Star Wars spinoff movie?  Today they revealed a short list of five finalists three of which Raven has never heard of, but Anna and Raven agreed that could actually be a good thing!  Ten U.S. sailors are free after being detained by Iranian Republican Guards overnight in the Persian Gulf.  Finally the hashtag #IveBeenWatchingYouAnd... offers up some funny yet slightly creppy comic relief on twitter this morning!


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