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The Anna and Raven Show On Demand 1-20-15
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Missed the show this morning?  Here's some great audio to hold you over until tomorrow!



Honda of Westport Couple's Court:


Sam says he always drives his wife Linda to the entrance of the mall, restaurant, basically anywhere they go.  He then parks the car and meets her inside.  Well he has decided it's time for that to stop after they "had too many cookies" over the holiday.  He even offers "why doesn't she drop me off sometime!"  Should he keep dropping Linda off?  With your votes and the verdict! 


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What are the most inappropriate songs your children sing?  Anna's daughter Hayden and some of her friend's are audtioning for the local theater's play but some of their song selections are a little much!  Like "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" or "Anaconda."  Anna and Raven discuss and then open the phones for your songs!


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Raven's that guy on Facebook today!  Anna just can't stop laughing about a cryptic message Raven posted yesterday.  You know one of those messages that calls someone out on something shady they did, but then never names!  Raven explains what happened but she can't get enough of it!


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Anna says while she was attending a friends birthday party recently another friend of the friend... I know, follow me here.  That friend of a friend was talking nasty about her!  Now Anna wants to know what was said and she wants her friend to choose, is she crazy?


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The Daily Dish powered by Scap Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram


Jada Pinkett Smith says she's skipping the Oscars, her husbands former co-star says no one cares what you do Jada!  The audio is fantastic!  Jamie Foxx saves a man involved in car rollover in his neighborhood.  Anna and Raven go over the statements from neighbors and Jamie's appearance on the news.


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What's Trending powered by J. Albert Johnson Jewelers


Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump in Iowa and Raven brings the audio while he and Anna sound off on it.  Despite it being crazy "people are still showing up" when she arrives in their town!  It's #PenquinAwarenessDay and Anna and Raven discuss their mutual "awareness" of them, plus Pearl Jam announces their summer tour!


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