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Missed the show this morning?  Here's some of the good stuff to tide you over!



Honda of Westport Couple's Court:


Lara and Jonathon's five year old lately has developed sticky fingers, meaning he's stealing from his siblings and family!  A toy here, a tool there, and this past week cash from both their wallets!  Jon says we need help from a professional to get him to stop, mom says we have this under control!  With your votes and the verdict!


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Philadelphia Police released a PSA video last week regarding citizens trying the reserve parking spaces with cones.  It went viral because it's a funny parody of Drakes "Hotline Bling."  We followed up by finding some jokes on the Connecticut State Police twitter as well.  We asked the question, do you want your police twitter to be a bit funny and somewhat entertaining or would you rather it be strictly public safety information?


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#TeamHome or #TeamAdventure:


Anna relays how she probably gained three pounds over the weekend because she never left her house once the snow started, while Raven explains how his wife insists they go out into the world every time the weather is bad!  Seriously, who takes the dog to get their nails clipped, or heads to a three day convention on the one day the roads are impassible?  Raven's wife, that's who!


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The Daily Dish powered by Scap Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram


Tina Fey returns to Saturday Night Live to take on Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump and it's a HUGE hit!  So big that basically nobody noticed how bad Rhoda Rousy was at acting... which was pretty bad.  CNN was out in New York City covering the snow over the weekend when they randomly came across Steven Tyler in the street.  The reporter addressed him as "Bostob based Aerosmith" did she not remember his name?  Does she realize Aerosmith is a band and not a person?  Nevermind, is Steven wearing the same scarf as her?


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What's Trending powered by J. Albert Johnson Jewelers


#SuperBowl 50 is set after the Patriot's are defeated by Peyton Manning and the Bronco's, on the east coast the Cardinal's feel to the Panther's and possible MVP Cam Newton.  The big game is February 7th!  The X-Files returned to Fox last night and the reviews are largely positive for the six episode mini run.  Could this mean more in the future now that David Duchovy's cable show Californication is done?  #5WordsForAFriend also trending this morning.


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