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The Anna and Raven Show On Demand 1-26-15
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Missed the show this morning?  Here's some fun audio to laugh at in your cubicle!



Honda of Westport Couple's Court:


Carrie booked a nice weekend into Monday trip at one of those indoor water parks for her husband Rob and the kids!  Here's the problem, she booked it for Super Bowl Sunday and Rob says there's no way he's going.  Should Rob have to go on the family trip during the big game?  With your votes and the verdicts!


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Raven is a mystic with the gift of understanding all animals!  Mostly he talks to his dog #Barkley and boy does he have a lot to say about the snow storm and more importantly about the neighbors!


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What crazy thing did you cook during the snow storm?  Anna got lots of attention for her creative recipe for "marsh-chippo's" on instagram now we're taking your weirdest idea's and thinking about putting together a morning show cookbook!  You can submit your recipes to! 


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The Daily Dish powered by Scap Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram


Matthew Perry says he thinks a "Friends" reunion could definitely happen, later that same day Jennifer Aniston laughs it off.  What's the reality?  Plus Miley Cyrus named as lead actress in new Woody Allen Amazon streaming series project, Raven suspects Miley is getting ready for a BIG year.  Amazon continues to add original streaming programs like Netflix has done.  Will it be a big win for them?


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What's Trending powered by J. Albert Johnson Jewelers


The fact that the #Bachelor continues to trend week after week is a bit baffling to most but the producers are on a roll.  Truth is this years girls are so crazy that old fans are being sucked back in and new viewers are climbing onboard.  Raven and Anna go over clips from the night before.  B.o.B. the rapper who gave us the hit song "Airplanes" has announced and continues to defend his theory that the earth is flat.  That's no joke, it's clear he actually believes it and even got in to a debate with Neil deGrasse Tyson over it!  Lastly #SuperSoonParty is trending this morning about Rihanna and her mystery appearance for the Super Bowl.  Will she play, and if she will, when and how will the rest of us get to watch?


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