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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Erica & Jack will be renewing their vows in Hawaii after twenty years of marriage this year! Erica wants to invite friends and family but Jack thinks it's rude to make people feel guilty if they can't come. She doesn't she the harm in an invite but he's worried about the pressure on others. What do you think about this? With your calls and the verdict! 

Dr. Laura Berman: Relationship Expert

Hear Dr. Laura Berman nightly with Uncovered here on Star 99.9! So what does the relationship expert think about today's couple? Anna & Raven bring her in for some sound advice on the matter!

Anna & Raven: May Manliness Minute

In today's super awkward moment, Anna has decided she will pick a hot guy everyday in May and then force Raven to say three nice things about him when she reveals his photo to him. Seriously. 

Who still has their Christmas lights up?

Raven did a lot of work around his house this weekend, one job though had Anna straight baffled when it came up today! Who else is guilty?

Anna & Raven: National Etiquette Week

Nobody is civil nowadays, but with these three simple rules from friend of the show Connecticut's Etiquette Expert Karen Thomas you can be on the path to self improvement!

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