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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Alissa and Curt have been married ten years and due to his fear of flying have never left the country. Now she wants to make a special trip to the islands and says he needs to gut it out, she's tired of being land locked! Can Alissa demand Curt make a change in his behavior? With your calls and the verdict! 

Dr. Laura Berman: Couple's Court After the Verdict

So what does our relationship expert think about today's Couple's Court?

Anna & Raven: Doing you want an honest answer to a passing greeting?

You walk by someone and say hello followed by "how are you doing" but what do you do when they answer honestly? Like I'm miserable, or pretty lousy... or I hate you, stop talking to me? When do we admit we don't actually care about your reality if it's going to bring us down?

Best man ruins Bride & Groom's wedding!

True story, a best man hijacks his friend's wedding ceremony when overcome with emotion he takes the opportunity to ask his girlfriend to marry him! Then he talks all about her during the toast and ignores the newlyweds! So now we're sharing the craziest wedding disasters you've witnessed!

Anna & Raven: #PotatoTour

Anna & Raven got their faces on a potato, now listeners can't get enough of spreading the word with our new show mascot! Where will you take the Anna & Raven potato? Better yet, where will the Anna & Raven potato take you?

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