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Honda of Westport Couple's Court: 

Charlie and Meg have a six month old and while Meg has supported Charlie playing in a band with his friends for the past fifteen years, that time is now over. She needs him home instead of out every Friday and Saturday night. The band has told him he's either all in or all out. Should Charlie quit the band? With your calls and the verdict!

Anna & Raven: Cheetos payday

Cheetos has opened a museum in New York showcasing among other things Cheetos that look like popular recognizable items, like finding Jesus in your toast! Not only do they invite you to take a look at these works of art but they'll pay you 5k if you find one or up to 150k if you come across something truly special!

Headlines with Hayden:

Anna's daughter Hayden hits the biggest headlines of the week, this time it's the absence of Taylor Swift's July 4th party and the record set by Joey Chestnut!

Anna & Raven: The Woo-hoo cheer

Let's face it, we're not quite sure what to yell when at public events and celebrating. The one thing we do know is that when Anna yells woo-hoo it drives her husband Paul crazy. We put the theory that this works every where and in every situation to the test today!

After making a mistake during Anna Zap is history yesterday and receiving quite a bit of backlash from the listeners we have decided to right our wrong today by having our new team member deliver a book report on the subject. Check this out, and learn something at the same time!

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