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The Anna & Raven Show On Demand: 7-18-17
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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Phil plans to take his thirteen year old son river rafting in Maine but Amanda says it's too dangerous and worries dad is bullying him into the trip. Dad says it's about getting off the video games, accomplishing something, and some bonding. Should mom step aside? With your calls and the verdict! 

Raven's Vacation Lessons:

Anna & Raven discuss his upcoming trip to Cancun and what he may or may not have learned since last year's vacation that resulted in two arrests and over five hundred dollars in bribes!

Anna: Professional Wedding Reader?

Anna claims to be the best wedding reader friends or family can enlist for their big day! Raven has his doubts so of course there is a test to follow, but what does it have to do with Top Gun, Lucky Charms, or Independence Day?

Raven discusses Mohegan Sun's upcoming Tequila Fest happening July 28th with Public Events Manager Krista May!

Despite the fact that Raven and our new producer Christian have been working here the same amount of time, he seems to know nothing about him! After a quiz that bears no fruit Anna has an idea to help Raven seem to care.

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