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The Anna & Raven Show On Demand: 8-2-17
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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Carrie says her husband Tim is being hypocritical announcing he now wants to get a tattoo at age 47, after lecturing the kids on not getting one for years! Carrie says why do it now, he counters with you only live once! With your calls and the verdict! 

The one item that went missing during Raven's vacation: 

Now that Raven's family is back from their Cancun vacation he's after their house sitter (his wife Alicia's grandmother) to find out what happened to a knife mysteriously missing from their butcher block. Miss-placed, tossed out, or used in the commission of a crime? Today Anna & Raven are trying to find out!

Life Hack: Vodka verses stickers

Anna & Raven continue testing popular life hack theories they've seen online. They learned Monday peanut butter is effective at removing gum from their producer's hair, today will vodka remove stickers of puppies they've decorated the walls of the studio with?

When Raven nearly drowned snorkeling on vacation he came to sad realization, he may be too out of shape for any adventures at the moment! When did you know you we're too far gone to tackle your activity?

Prince Phillip retires:

Why did this royal wait until the age of 96 to hang it up? What is retirement like when you're a royal anyways?

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