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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Arissa thought it would be fun for her husband Matt to join her at yoga class, except when he got there he made plenty of off color jokes, strange noises, and gestures! Now she wants to keep him out of her class but he's really taken a liking to it. Can Arissa keep Matt out of her classes after first inviting him? With your calls and the verdict!

Following up on today's Couple's Court we welcome yoga instructor Kimmarie Migliore of Edge Fitness Clubs to give us the lowdown on the right and the wrong way to approach your class!


Is there a science to the color car men drive?

Anna's husband was pretty much indifferent to the color car he was getting until she started telling him his choice wasn't manly?! Raven thinks she's crazy and sites plenty of examples when the rules don't apply, but would the numbers support him when we opened the phones for your advice and experience on the matter?

Anna rails about the troubles faced daily by those carrying the twins, girls, dirty pillows... ya know, boobs!

Anna & Raven Potato Tour: Lake George

How long can a potato hold up in one of America's largest lakes? How well does it do water skiing or tanning? These questions and more are answered after the official show potato returns from it's latest adventure!

Star 99.9 Stamford Town Center Summer Stage:

Our next Star 99.9 Stamford Town Center Summer Stage performer Whiskey, Wine and Coke is revealed and interviewed!

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