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The Anna & Raven Show On Demand: 8-8-17
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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Chris and Melissa are preparing for a trip to Jamaica! As usual he's planning on packing one of his banana hammock style bathing suits and she's had enough with the joke! This year he's got an elephant and can't wait to rock it on the beach, would you be ok with your spouse wearing something like this? With your calls and the verdict! 

Raven's Puppy Party:

Anna ask's who throws a party for a dog? Raven does, that's who! Complete with guests, gifts, and a cake, the party is going down today!

Worst bride's and bridesmaid stories:

Anna read about a bride in New York that's auctioning off all the positions for her wedding party to help pay for the wedding! Imagine openly bidding against forty other women to be in someone else's wedding?

Looking to maximize your time during the upcoming Great American Solar Eclipse? Just sitting at a bar or in your backyard with a telescope may not be enough, how about finding a mysterious creature, being abducted by aliens, or enjoying chicken and waffles?


Anna recap's the Bachelorette finale and ask's of the audience, how long until you knew you found the one?

Anna & Raven are joined by Jack Antonoff from Bleachers, the band fun, and songwriter for Taylor Swift & Lorde!

After Anna's proclamation that men don't buy or drive white cars we decided to turn to an expert for real feedback on the matter. Michael Abrahams of Honda of Westport joins us in studio.

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