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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Phil hates the way his wife Ava photoshops all her photo's for social media questioning her motives and the example it may set for the kids. She says he needs to shut it, everybody uses filters! Should you be altering ALL of your posted photos? With your calls and the verdict! 

Dr. Laura Berman: After the verdict

Relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman joins us to follow up on today's Honda of Westport Couple's Court. Her response may surprise you!

ABC Clayton Sandell: Taylor Swift trial

Anna & Raven continue coverage of the Taylor Swift vs David Mueller trial in Denver with ABC reporter Clayton Sandell who joins us from the courtroom!

Connecticut Little League champs Fairfield American are competing in the Eastern Regionals this week and are just a few games away from the World Series! This morning we talked with coach Michael Randazzo about today's game verse New Hampshire!

Two celebrities in Connecticut this week filming a movie, despite many overtures and attempts one of them just refuses to be Anna's friend!

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