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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Erik says his ex girlfriend from three years ago won't stop writing and singing songs about him! He wants Lily to cut it out because he says everybody knows! She says that's just ridiculous and she'll do what she wants with her own songs. What do you think about this? With your calls and the verdict! 

Anna & Raven: Dreams

Anna has had a certain character in her dreams since childhood, Raven contends he has reoccuring dreams almost every night! What do these stories mean?

Raven's Report Card:

Anna loves to call Raven's wife every week and find out how he's doing as a husband. He received an A after vacation last week, can he keep his positive trend going?

Phillip Phillips:

Anna's daughter Hayden interviews rockstar Phillip Phillips at the Star 99.9 Michael's Jewelers Acoustic session in Stamford!

Tent Sales:

Is it psychological or science that causes Anna to break all her own self imposed rules at a tent or outdoor sale? Raven offers his theory.

Taylor Swift Court Case:

We're joined once again by ABC Entertainment correspondent Clayton Sandell for coverage of the Taylor Swift lawsuit happening now in Denver. How was Taylor on the stand yesterday, what facts were revealed? What can we expect later on today?

News reports have everyone a little nervous lately, Anna is particularly mad at twitter! Why can't we cover the dangers of nuclear attack like they did back in the day? With a fun, smart and witty turtle tile character and a jolly cartoon?

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