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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Debra Anne wants to be a stay at home wife! Robert admits they can afford it but with no children he wonders what she'll do with her time everyday and thinks it could be an issue. What do you think about this? With your calls and the verdict!

After the Verdict: Dr. Laura Berman

Following up on today's Couple's Court we welcome Dr. Laura Berman to discuss options for both Debra Anne and Robert if they plan to move forward on any of their plans for her to be home.

Hurricane Harvey takes out woman's wedding!

Hurricane Harvey took out Dustin & Jenny's wedding... for the third time! Believe it or not this is the third time Jenny Swarer has had to reschedule her wedding due to flooding?! Anna & Raven talk flood waters with her and the situation on the ground in Houston then have a couple laughs over her doomed wedding reception!

Anna & Raven catch up with Josh Morales who was spotted on CNN kayaking all over his Texas neighborhood checking on residents and property. How is he doing now that the forecast calls for another thirty inches of rain?

Detective Richard Bango of Shelton PD: Traffic Camera's

How long until those camera's start sending Anna tickets at home for turning right on red? The answer will probably surprise you, but it's the truth and it's Connecticut law!

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