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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

April and Noah met at the gym power lifting and then started dating. Now she has surpassed him in the gym and he says he's not as attracted to her. Is it because he's self conscious or honest? Should Noah accept her as she is or break it off? With your calls and the verdict! 

Door to Door with Anna & Raven:

After a study that stated over half of people hate to answer there doors nowadays in America because of solicitors we decided to conduct an experiment with Producer Christian. We sent him door to door with Anna & Raven mugs to see who would engage him in conversation, welcome him inside, or threaten him with violence?! How did he do?

Anna nearly got in a fight with a carnival worker last week on vacation. He was guessing weight for cash and she claims he ripped her off! Listen to the details and then see how well Anna could or could not do this man's job.

Now that Anna is back fom vacation, her and Raven starting discussing the odd things you find out about friends when you start traveling with them. Like who does what naked, who sleeps with a stuffed animal, and who shares way more than you're actually ready for. We share our stories and then have your calls!

People have been taking first day of school photos for years and over the past several years more and more have been posted to Facebook and other social media. It's really almost a competition nowadays for who has the best sign, elaborate presentation or whatever. Anna failed this test last year, this year what's her plan?

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