The Anna & Raven Show On Demand: 9-5-17

Missed Anna & Raven on your way to work today? Don't panic it's all available now On Demand!


Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Abigail and Ken have a nice life in the country with their two kids! They just have one problem, lots of ticks! She's worried about the kids and wants to bring in some poultry power, guinea hens to be exact. Dad is not having it saying we live out here for the quiet, why would we get these loud birds? What do you think about this? With your calls and the verdict! 

Anna & Raven go over the best excuses for leaving work after he headed for the door early during last Friday's show. How many of these have you used? Now be honest, how many were factually accurate?

Raven's Dentist: Dr. Laurence Levy

Anna loves waking up Raven's dentist early for some reason, and she has plenty of questions after his early exit last week. How does Dr. Laurence Levy take it all? In stride of course! What does he think is at the root of Raven's troubles?

Dear Number 2 Pencil:

Anna & Raven are joined by Carlos Reyes of Dixon Ticonderoga who does number two work for? The number two pencil that is, and why Dixon Ticonderoga are required for virtually every test in America's schools.

The power went out on Anna's block yesterday, that's no laughing matter. What is slightly hilarious and unhinged however is Anna's bff's reaction to the why and who was to blame!

This weekend it was another Raven family event, the annual Labor Day BBQ! Of course this also means it was time for the annual Raven household grease fire. What is he doing wrong, over and over again? Anna & Raven talk with Westfield Deputy Fire Marshall Scott Catowski this morning to get to the bottom of this blaze!

Back to school means one thing... stress for Anna when she packs her daughter Hayden's lunch! Raven thinks she's missing one big point though. What do you think?