The Anna & Raven Show On Demand: 9-20-17

Missed Anna & Raven on your way to work today? Don't panic it's all available now On Demand!


Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Sandy wants to move her adult daughter, her husband, and two kids back into the house for a year or so so they can save for a home of their own. Dave is not having it saying they've raised three grown children, they don't get to come back unless they're in trouble! He worries it would never end on the time, ruin their silence, and cause problems in the family! What do you think about this? With your calls and the verdict! 

Anna's Test Kitchen:

Celebrity Chef Plum of WTNH joins us to suggest a great recipe to make in thirty minutes or less! To prove his theory anyone can handle this Anna is headed over to Aitoro Appliance in Norwalk where she'll be joined by both Plum and Tony Aitoro in their kitchen! Join her live or on Facebook live at 1pm!

Llama Watch 2017: 

Fifteen year old Matteo raises and trains champion llama's, Anna & Raven check in with him everyday this week as he prepares for competition at this weekend's Durham Fair! What is the day before the fair like for the animals, who transports the llama's, and how long does it take to do a llama's hair?

Star 99.9 Behavior Stick:

Once again Anna & Raven spent time with the fifth grade at Roosevelt School and this time they discussed the "Behavior Stick." It's a teacher's aide that allows her to visually reminds the kids how they have been behaving that day! Guess what, we made one for the morning show, how do you think everyone was behaving by the end of the show today?

Toys R Us: Bankruptcy affects the toys too

Toys R Us announces their impending bankruptcy, while it's a sad day for our favorite playime retailer and its employee's, nobody is taking it harder than the toys.