The Anna & Raven Show On Demand: 9-21-17

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Honda of Westport Couple's Court: 

Lindsay and Ryan are preparing their wedding invitations! He wants to request monetary gifts only but she says that's just tacky. Is it really, or is it just practical? With your calls and the verdict!

Anna's Test Kitchen:

Celebrity Chef Plum gave Anna a trademark thirty minute recipe to prepare yesterday with Tony Aitoro at Aitoro Appliance in Norwalk! Once again Anna picked up at least two ingredients incorrect from the list he provided! So how did it all turn out?

Llama Watch 2017: 

Fifteen year old Matteo raises and trains champion llama's, Anna & Raven check in with him everyday this week as he prepares for competition at this weekend's Durham Fair! What is the morning like as the fair opens this morning? What makes a champion llama and who is Matteo's llama competition nemesis? 

Hinge Matchmaker: Meg Stone

There's a new app that allows you to set up all your single friends from Facebook without their permission, of course Raven thought this would be a lot of fun for Anna because she always brag's about being such a good matchmaker. Unfortunately for Meg our midday host here at Star 99. she totally agreed and now we've circumvented her and hit her mom up for details on what her daughter needs for a good mate!

Fire Drill: Star 99.9 style

The fire alarm goes off and it takes Raven how long to get out of the building? Anna interviews all the normal characters you find in the parking lot when your building needs to be evacuated.