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The Anna & Raven Show On Demand: 9-25-17
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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Sherri's turning forty and wants to spend the day and night in the city with her girlfriends, her husband John says she's being selfish and should think of him and the kids! What do you think? With your calls and the verdict!

Children's Spartan Race:

Anna's daughter Hayden and her friend's ran the Spartan Kids Race in Stamford over the weekend. Anna was a little jealous they don't have any barbed wire or electrified challenges so she figured she'd give the carefree kids something to truly be afraid of!

Game show winnings:

After Anna was approached by a coworker in our company to be on a music game show, she recommended Raven as his partner because of his ability to quickly identify songs. Now they made it past some intense auditions and Anna's asking for a cut of the winnings. Raven says that's not how it works, what do you think?

Raven rates the world's most dangerous carnival rides:

Attending the fair this weekend Raven made some fairly reasonable observations of the mechanical entertainment!

Words past their expiration date:

After the President's of the United States and North Korea traded some more insults over the last week we started analyzing the language and decided it was just too outdated to be valid. Like what if we all started using words like this?

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