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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Roy & Lily's thirteen year old daughter wants to go on an unsupervised date with her boyfriend to dinner and the movies. Dad says no way, she's far too young but mom says it's not a big deal and they trust her. What do you think? With your calls and the verdict!

Las Vegas Shooting:

Anna's & Raven talk with multiple individuals who were in attendance of the Route 91 Country Music Festival in Las Vegas across the boulevard from Mandalay Bay last night before Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd in what has now been identified as the worse mass shooting in U.S. history.


That's all I need to know about you:

We know we shouldn't make assumptions about people, friends or neighbors, but sometimes it's just far too easy to make the leap when you're presented with some basic but telling information!

Raven vs. Producer Christian: Pumpkin spice dog treats

Raven and Producer Christian face off in a pumpkin speed quiz after Anna discovered pumpkin spiced dog treats. Would either of the guys actually taste them after the test anyways?

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