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Honda of Westport Couple's Court:

Christine and Al's nineteen year old college student son has gotten multiple tickets and had two car accidents. Dad says it's time to drop him from their insurance after it went up three times in the last year! Mom says he's a good student and he's learned his lesson after paying his last ticket. What do you think about this? With your calls and the verdict! 

Dr. Laura Berman: After the Verdict

Disciplining your adult children can be tough but sometimes it's required! Dr. Laura Berman of Uncovered Radio heard here night's on Star 99.9 joins Anna & Raven to comment on today's Couple's Court.

Millennial Meltdown:

After working with him the last couple of months it occurred to Anna & Raven that Producer Christian has no idea what we're talking about half the time. It's not neccessarily his fault, it's that he's from a different time. So now we figure we need to quize to get a basis on where his modern knowledge begins and ends!

Pedal for the Cure: Joyride in studio

Raven's back on the bike when Rhodie, Adam and Marney visit from Joyride to talk about Thursday nights kickoff for the Star 99.9 and Western Connecticut Health Network's Pinktober to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. What can you expect at Joyride, how should you dress, will Raven survive?

Las Vegas: How to talk to your young children

Anna & Raven welcome back relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman to get some help on discussing the events in Las Vegas with small children. 

That time your pet let you down:

Despite hearing all weekend how much his dog's missed him Raven says his puppies let him down after returning home from his camping trip. This and other behaviors let him down, as soon as we opened the phone we heard your pets left you out to dry as well!

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