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When you hear Kongos’ song “Come With Me Now”, you can tell they are influenced by a lot of different things. One of them being their musician father, John Kongos. He released some popular songs in the 1970’s, “He’s Gonna Step on You Again” and “Tokoloshe”. Both were successful in the UK, and his home country of South Africa. The songs actually have some similarity to Kongos’ debut single, as far as the musical style goes. And that  makes sense, considering the band is comprised of his four sons and they all grew up in both London and South Africa. The two cultures have an evident presence in the family’s music.


Maybe that’s why Come With Me Now, is so unique and catchy. It is a departure from a lot of other rock music out there because it has that blend of different cultures, making it kind of like a fusion of the London rock scene  and African tribal music. 


The band has only been around since 2007, and their debut album, Lunatic, was released in 2012. It only began to gain attention in the U.S. in late 2013. Either way, they are quickly becoming a band to pay attention to. They’ve been touring around the country and Come With Me Now is rising in the charts. They're also being regarded as a "bang on the verge of greatness". A lot of good things to come from these guys.


Driven by Key Hyundai

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