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The world is ready for Adele’s new album to come out. Problem is, she isn’t going to tell us when that is happening. Supposedly, Adele wants to do the same thing that Beyonce did earlier this year- just release the album without anyone knowing. It proved to be very successful for Beyonce since it led to massive sales and a lot of media hype (for free). It is very realistic that a superstar like Adele could pull off the same feat. There have been many rumors circulating about Adele’s upcoming work. It may be called “25”? She tweeted a day before her 26th birthday: “Bye, Bye 25, see you later this year”. This caused a lot of people to make conclusions that it HAD to be about her new album. We won’t know for sure until 2014 is up, though. Either way, if even one cryptic tweet could cause extensive media attention, then imagine what the actual album will do if, and when, it comes out. 


Adele is from England and was discovered through the website MySpace. In 2006 her friend posted her demo there and she was offered a recording contract shortly after. She’s released two albums so far, 19 and 21, both corresponding with the age she recorded it. The album 21 won 6 Grammy Awards for her including  the coveted, Album of the Year. 


I think what is so likable about Adele is that she is so immensely talented, but relatable and down to earth-all at the same time. She only wants to make good music for her fans and just be herself while doing it. A lot of her songs deal with relationships, love, and heartbreak. Just human experience, in general that I think people appreciate. She’s also hilarious (British humor) and very secure in her own skin. Pretty excited to hear Adele’s newest music, whenever it may come!

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