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Today*s Star- The Ting Tings
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You already know The Ting Tings, even if you don’t recognize their name. They wrote the immensely popular 2009 hit, “That’s Not My Name”, and it was played everywhere-a Coca-Cola commercial, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Horrible Bosses, and the list goes on of its use in TV Shows and commercials. It was a number one hit in the UK and a Top 20 hit on the pop Billboard chart in the U.S.


The Ting Tings are a British music duo consisting of Katie and Jules. It’s incredible that only two people can produce such music because it’s such a big sound. Both of them sing, and play instruments (including the cowbell). 


They have a new album out now, Super Critical, and the first single off of it is: “Wrong Club”. “Wrong Club” is an awesome song and it’s what you expect from The Ting Tings. It’s fun, upbeat, catchy, and just makes you want to jump around on a dance floor. It reminded me of a modern 80s/90s song mixed with Daft Punk and female vocals. Sounds strange, but it’s such a fun song. You need to hear it!

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