Today*s Star- The Ting Tings

You already know The Ting Tings, even if you don’t recognize their name. They wrote the immensely popular 2009 hit, “That’s Not My Name”, and it was played everywhere-a Coca-Cola commercial, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Horrible Bosses, and the list goes on of its use in TV Shows and commercials. It was a number one hit in the UK and a Top 20 hit on the pop Billboard chart in the U.S.


The Ting Tings are a British music duo consisting of Katie and Jules. It’s incredible that only two people can produce such music because it’s such a big sound. Both of them sing, and play instruments (including the cowbell). 


They have a new album out now, Super Critical, and the first single off of it is: “Wrong Club”. “Wrong Club” is an awesome song and it’s what you expect from The Ting Tings. It’s fun, upbeat, catchy, and just makes you want to jump around on a dance floor. It reminded me of a modern 80s/90s song mixed with Daft Punk and female vocals. Sounds strange, but it’s such a fun song. You need to hear it!