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It's pretty cool the way Icona Pop came to be. Carolina Hejlt and AIno Jawo met at a party in 2009. Aino had just gotten out of a relationship, so her friend brought her out as a way to cheer her up. It was there that she met Caroline, and the two started making music with each other very soon after. Even though they attended the same music school in Sweden, they had never met each other before that night. 

The duo became very popular in 2013 with their song, "I Love It". It was used in several TV shows (HBO's Girls, Dancing with the Stars, and Glee, to name a few). People even called it the "song of the summer" that year. The song was actually written by pop star Charli XCX, who gave us the "Boom Clap" song (fun fact!). 

According to their Twitter, they're doing small shows around the U.S. right now. 


Watch the video for Icona Pop, it's pretty fun:



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