Today*s Star- Clean Bandit

When I first heard the song “Rather Be”, I thought it was some throwback 90’s song that was mysteriously getting played all over the place. That assumption was close to the truth. It’s actually very much inspired by the music of the 1990’s but it’s new music from the British electronic music group, Clean Bandit. They have only been together for a couple years and have only released one album, so “Rather Be” is definitely their breakout hit. It’s a very cool song in the way that it is a mix of classical  and electronic music. Something that sounds odd at first, but definitely works well when you hear it. 


Four members make up the group, 3 guys and one girl: Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, Grace Chatto, and Milan Neil Amin-Smith. Grace and Neil are more classical musicians, and when they met the other two guys, they all decided to just jam out and see how it sounded. They played a bunch of live shows, getting better and better each time and started to produce their own music. Record labels actually thought of them as kind of a “joke band” because combining classical and electronic music is so unheard of. It totally works though, and is kind of genius.


Clean Bandit is also really into their music videos. They believe in “visual storytelling” so their videos are like mini cinematic masterpieces. They are just a very cool modern band that is worth paying attention to. I think they are going to come out with more distinctive and progressive music in the future. You can see them play live at Toads Place in New Haven June 4th!