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Today*s Star- Ingrid Michaelson
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Ingrid Michaelson has had a tough couple years recently. Her mother and dog passed away, she herself was also suffering from health problems and everything just became overwhelming all at once. But those hardships inspired her latest album, Lights Out, making it a very personal music experience that  almost anyone can relate to. Perhaps that’s what makes it so successful. 


Ingrid has actually been making music for more than a decade. She started out in musical theater and was a director for awhile. In 2002, she released her first album on her own, and put it on the website MySpace. It was quickly noticed by people in the music industry and she was given a record deal to make more music. Five albums later, Ingrid has had a pretty good career. She has been praised for her past music, but her song, Girls Chase Boys, has definitely been the most popular. Just a lot more hype surrounding this album than any other ones. The second single off her most recent album, is called Afterlife, and if you like Girls Chase Boys, then you'll like Afterlife.  The music video is awesome too. She leads her fans to face their fears and then surprises awesome!



Love the music video for Afterlife. Her fans face their fears in the video:


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