Today*s Star- O.A.R.

O.A.R. has been around for a long, long time. Before they officially formed in 1996, they were just a couple of high school kids practicing music in one of their parent's basements in Maryland. Most of the members are all high school friends, and recorded their first album shortly after graduating. They then all went on to attend college in Ohio, and met their last band member: a saxophonist.


O.A.R. means "Of A Revolution" and they have a sort of a "cult following" fan base. It's interesting because the band doesn't strive to be famous or recognized, they just want to play good music for their loyal fans and be more like friends with them, then rockstars to them. Perhaps that's why O.A.R.'s live shows are so popular. They have sold out Madison Square Garden twice and have 5 live albums. They remind me of Dave Mathews Band in the way that their tours always do well among their loyal fan base and those fans will see them play live no matter what. Big difference is that the Dave Mathews Band is considered a "mainstream success" and O.A.R. is more of an underground success.


But that may change with the release of their 8th studio album, The Rockville LP, named after the town they all grew up in, in Maryland. It was released last summer and the leading single off of it, Peace, is a favorite among their fan base. It is also helped to grab the attention of newer fans. It is a very calming, acoustic-sounding song, which makes sense since it's called Peace. O.A.R.'s sound is a mix of a lot of things: rock, jam band, reggae, acoustic, jazz, and so on. They are always interested in trying new things and making their fans happy. Listen to Peace, it's a great song: