Today*s Star- Third Eye Blind

If you lived through the 1990’s it’s hard to NOT know the band Third Eye Blind. Their hit songs were EVERYWHERE! Jumper, Semi-Charmed Life, & How’s it Gonna Be, are the band’s most famous songs. I can still sing a long to almost every word of those songs and I know I’m definitely not alone in that! 


The band started out in San Francisco, and released their first album in 1997: self-titled Third Eye Blind. It did very well- was  #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was #1 for 8 weeks in a row on the rock charts. It is their most successful album overall. This lead to massive success all at once- a performance on Saturday Night Live and touring with rock band U2 on their 1997 tour. 


Their 2nd album, Blue, came out 2 years later and gave us more hit music, but nothing can compare to the popularity of their first album.


As rock bands usually go, there has been some drama in the band. They have had several different members, but drummer Brad Hargreaves and lead single Stephan Jenkins have been there since the very beginning. 


Their hit songs from the 90’s are even better today (in my opinion) and it’s always fun to listen to them. They are playing at our next Star 99.9 Michaels Jewelers Acoustic Session and you can win tickets all week long!