Today*s Star- Fall Out Boy


It’s been quite a roller coaster ride for Fall Out Boy in the last 6 years. They went on hiatus in 2009, prompting everyone to speculate a soon-to-be break up. Some of the members of the group started a family, had children, and others pursued their own solo projects. At the end of the day, fans were very worried they would never see a reunion again.


 But, luckily, it didn’t turn out that way. Fall Out Boy got back in action in 2011, put out new music, and worked through whatever issues they had that led to their eventual “cool down” a couple years earlier. As lead singer Pete Wentz once said, their fame and the band “ became destructive”. 


Fall Out Boy took over the popular music scene in 2005, with their first single, Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down. It was edgy, catchy, and had that punk vibe that was sort of a mainstream fad at the time in the mid 2000’s. Fall Out Boy catapulted this “emo” trend and their success was immeasurable. They just kept churning out hit after hit. What’s so great about Fall Out Boy are their fans. I’ve never seen such dedicated people and it’s refreshing to know that some fans will wait for their favorite band to come back. The pay off was worth the wait. 


Their sixth album came out in January, 2 years after their most recent one. It is called American Beauty/American Psycho. The first single off of it, Centuries, has that pop/punk essence that is so quintessential Fall Out Boy. They're going on a tour this summer and will be playing in Hartford at the end of June.