Today*s Star- George Ezra

People often judge George Ezra before they have heard his voice. He’s a tall, young looking kid with blonde hair. He looks kind of shy and is a boy-next-door type. But then he opens his mouth.. wow! You aren’t expecting his voice at all. It’s powerful and sounds very beyond his ears (he’s only 22 years old!). That’s why there’s a lot of hype surrounding George Ezra. He has insane natural talent and he takes everybody by surprise, which is a good thing.


George grew up in a musical household in England. He often talks about how his brother and sister were very talented, musically, but he was not. He actually didn’t think he could sing, until he tried, and then this big sound came out. It was from then on he knew music was the career he wanted to pursue.


His sound is very similar to a modern Bob Dylan and he says Bob is actually a huge influence on his style. I like hearing his new song “Budapest” on the radio because it is so different from what you normally hear, and his voice… it’s just SO good! Budapest is doing very extremely well internationally (has sold over a million copies in the U.S. alone!) and it’s off his debut album, which came out last year. I think we can expect a lot of great things from George Ezra in the future. He is also up for the "Artist to Watch" award at this Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.