Today*s Star- Echosmith

It’s still unbelievable how old the four members of the band Echosmith are. All of them are under  the age of 25 and they started the band 7 years ago, meaning they were only teenagers when they began recording. When you listen to their music though, it doesn’t sound like a bunch of teenagers. 


The band members are actually all siblings. They grew up in Los Angeles and were encouraged to pursue music by their parents. Sydney is the only girl and singer of the group. She sounds like a cross between Paramore’s Hailey Williams  and Ellie Goulding. She also plays tambourine and keyboard sometimes. In fact, all of the siblings know how to play multiple instruments. 


Echosmith has gotten popular through a combination of live shows, hard work, and word of mouth. They released their first album, Talking Dreams, in 2013 and have been touring everywhere to showcase it. They played on the Warped Tour for two years in a row  and other summer festivals all across the nation. All of those efforts have definitely paid off because they did their first headlining tour last year. Their song "Cool Kids" was played everywhere and was a very popular song last year. Their 2nd single is called "Bright" and it's very different than Cool Kids. It's more acoustic sounding and has a romantic feel to it. 


They are performing 2 nights in a row in NYC September 15th and 16th!