Today*s Star- Hozier

 When you listen to Hozier's music, you expect the voice to be coming from a huge, burly, opera-singer-looking man. But Hozier is the opposite of that. He is a tall, lanky, regular-looking guy wearing  jeans and a t-shirt. It’s almost unbelievable that such a powerful voice comes out of a guy who looks like you could meet him at a local neighborhood pub. But that’s also the appeal in Hozier. No fluff. He just wants to make great music for people. 

Andrew Hozier Byrne is his full name and  he is from Ireland. He grew up with a musician father and went to college for a little bit before dropping out and recording his own music. He’s only 24 but his music is beyond his years. “Take Me To Church” is an eerily beautiful  song, that makes you stop what you’re doing to listen to it.  

Hozier released his first full album last year and it went platinum in its first week, which is amazing. There has been a lot of hype behind him ever since he released his first EP, and that’s because he has real talent. His voice is also, like I said, phenomenal.  His life has gone from zero to sixty since the release of his debut album. He was nominated for several Grammy's this year including Song of the Year. His 2nd single is called "Someone New" and it's a great song. Very different from Take Me To Church, so I think we get to see a different side of Hozier: