Today*s Star- Paramore

There’s been a lot of drama with the band Paramore over the years. They lost two of their original members four years ago and basically have had to re-build a new band with different musicians. But lead singer Hailey Williams was determined to come back stronger than ever and keep making music that her fans loved. I’d say she accomplished just that with Paramore’s latest album, 2013’s “Paramore”. The album did not disappoint fans-it debuted at number one on the charts in its first week of release,  and is now the most successful album the group has ever made.


Hailey Williams was only 13 years old when she moved to Tennessee and met the two original members: brothers Josh and Zach Farro. They were all very young when they formed the band, but after  practicing a lot together, they silenced  the critics saying they were too young to ever succeed. They released three albums together before Josh and Zach left, and made themselves a popular band in the pop music scene. Their sound is described as pop-punk rock and it’s only slightly changed for the better with the new band.


Paramore is not touring right now and they haven't hinted at any new music, but I'm sure there will be a follow up to their last album in the next couple years.