Today*s Star- John Legend

It’s a smart idea to collaborate with many different artists before making your solo debut. It could also, possibly, be a bad idea. John Legend was willing to take that risk, and it paid off. His insane talent was too hard not to want more of. Nine Grammys, five albums, and one Academy Award later, John is one of the major forces in modern music.


He is just as talented on the piano as he is singing. If you have ever listened to Lauryn Hill’s “Everything is Everything” then you have already listened to John Legend playing the piano. After that, he then went on to sing for Kanye West. In 2004 he released his first album and won the Grammy award for Best New Artist, Best R&B Album, and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. He is known as a “genius” in the music industry and it definitely shows.


In 2013, he released his latest album, including the song, “All of Me”, inspired by his wife, supermodel Chrissy Teigen. It became an immensely popular hit, and was number one in over 10 countries. John is an artist that is going to last a lifetime. His talents have grown over the years and his music is classic. He just won an Academy Award for his music on the Selma movie soundtrack. 

It is also confimed that a TV show based on his life with his wife will be on ABC in the next year.