Today*s Star-Neon Trees

This may just be my opinion, but I’m pretty sure Neon Trees makes the catchiest songs ever. I often find myself singing their songs and not even realizing it. That’s probably why they toured with The Killers in 2008. Two bands who play songs that stay with you all day long (in a good way, though). That tour also launched Neon Trees' career.

Neon Trees is a rock band from Utah, and they got their name from the fluorescent signs at the burger restaurant In-N-Out. They’ve been playing together since 2005, and became really popular in the past 5 years. People started paying attention when they released their 2010 song, Animal. The TV show GLEE did a version of it as well. 

The band released their third album, “Pop Psychology”, last year, and as always, showcases their catchy-electic style.


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