Today*s Star- Nico & Vinz

Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery make up the duo known as Nico & Vinz. They only formed in 2009, and originally called themselves "Envy". Hailing from Oslo, Norway, they have already conquered the music scene with their song, "Am I Wrong". It was pretty much the song of this past summer .

Nico & Vinz believe their cultural backgrounds have a lot to do with their musical influences: "We are Norwegian and African. It is important for us to inspire. We sing about things we’ve been going through and about finding ourselves. To us it’s important to have a message, and the goal for us is to inspire people to find happiness. We try to be 100% us. That mixture and that balance is what creates us". They went to Botswana to film the music video for "Am I Wrong" to show a more positive portrayal of Africa in the media.


The duo's sound has already been likened to The Police. They have two hit songs out, Am I Wrong and In Your Arms


Watch the video below:



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